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Jewel Stones of Greenland sells Jewelry in Gold and Sterling Silver, Cabochones, and slabs of gemstone minerals such as Tugtupite, Greenlandite, Nuumite, sodalite, and Kakortokite.  Please visit my ebay store to see what inquiries.  Jewel Stones of Greenland also conducts mineral tours in South Greenland that allows you to collect your own specimens.  Please use the Mineral Tour link.


I live in south Greenland.  In this area there are cirka 250 minerals. I sell Greenlandic Gemstones and Fluorescent Minerals.  The mountain Kvanefjeld app. 10 km from Narsaq entails a great variety of rare minerals, of which some can only be found here.

The mineral Tugtupite was unknown until 1957 when it was discovered in large quantities on the Narsaq peninsula (the Ilimmaasaq Intruision) and in more modest amounts on the kola peninsula in Russia. The name relates to a legend concerning a girl, named Tugtu, which means reindeer.  In order to give birth in solitude she went into the mountains. On the spot where the blood and placenta fell to the ground, there appeared the Tugtupite stone. The age of this legend cannot be determined.  The richtest veins are found in the Kvanefjeld area where the Tugtupite has a deep red colour.  It occurs with white minerals such as Albite and Analcime, yellow onse such as pyrochlore and zincblende, and black-greenish ones such as Aegirine.  Tugtupite specimens are therefore often multicoloured and veined, which gives the stone its characteristic apperance.  In other places in this area Tugtupite is found which is light-red, white and even blue-green.  The stone colour can be altered - for instance, a strongly coloured Tugtupite can become faded when stored in the dark.  However, it regains the colour when it is exposed to sunlight.  These colour changes are due to microscopic impurities in the mineral crystal structure.  The Tugtupite was first introduced as a precious stone by the royal court jeweller, Ove Dragsted. Today it is widely used in the local production of jewellery in the Narsaq area, where its strong and varied colours are utilized. The minerals hardness is about 6 mos, that is less than that of ordinary beach sand, whose grains have a hardness of 7 mos. Therefore, Tugtupite is easily scratched.



The most popular gemstones in Greenland are Tugtupite, Nuummite, Greenlandite and Kakortokite



last update: 30. august 2017